A touching story between daddy and his son

The boy is absorbed in his paper but his dad notifications the bird and ask, “what is that?” With a fast and care complimentary nearly upset glanced he answer his dad informing him “it was a sparrow”. A couple of seconds pass and then again the daddy asks his son, “exactly what is that?” Slightly more annoyed this time the son reacts the very same “it was a sparrow”. Another few moments pass and once again the father asks. This time the boy has had enough he chews out his daddy telling him over and over that exactly what he was inquiring about was indeed a sparrow. The father sighs gently and gets up and leaves, just to return with a journal telling the now grown son that he too had asked the same concern about a sparrow. He asked 21 times and each time he told him and hugged him. The boy clearly filled with remorse and embarassment grabs his father in a welcome and holds him. This is where the video ends.
It distresses me to see such hostility from his son. The obvious frustration got the very best of him. But it also touched my heart to see that the father remembered such a sweet memory and wanted to relive it with his now grown son. We ought to believe before respond with individuals we enjoy. Often it is hard to understand exactly what it is going on at first but the light will come.
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