Heart Touching Father and Son Story

A young man was quickly going to graduate college. For many months he utilized to appreciate a very stunning sports car. He understood that his dad can manage it so he told him that he desired that vehicle. As graduation day was near he awaited for signs that his dad has actually bought that vehicle for him. Finally it was graduation day.
On the early morning of graduation his father called him to his research study. There he told his kid that how proud he is to have such excellent son and just how much he loved him. After informing this father handed a covered present box to his son as graduation present.
Curious child opened that present. He discovered a Bible with stunning leather cover. Angrily child in raised voice said to his daddy, “With all the money you purchased me a Bible?” and left home at that instant, leaving book there.

Years gone by he never returned house. Boy end up being a very successful business person in mean time. He had a gorgeous home and household. Years after he understood that he needs to go to him as he never ever returned after leaving the house on graduation day.
Before he could make plans to return the home of his daddy he received telegram. In telegram there was message for him notifying him about his father death. It was to notify him that his dad willed all his ownership to his son and he need to get home as quickly as he can to take care of things.
He returned home however on reaching house his heart was filled with remorses and unhappiness. He began to search for essential documents and saw that the bible his dad gifted was still brand-new and he had left it years ago.
With tears he opened the Bible and started to turn pages and as he checked out those words suddenly a vehicle key dropped from envelope which was stick behind the bible. It had a tag with dealership’s name, exact same one who had sports car he desired. The date on tag was of his graduation day with words written on it, “PAID COMPLETELY”.
Sometimes we miss out on blessings even if they are not packed as we expected. We must take time to believe and should not snap and act at instant. Its much better to think before act than to regret later on.

So, what do you think ?

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