Daddy Daughter– Dark Candle light Sad Story

A male and his only little daughter used to cohabit. He loved her child a lot and lived his life only for her. One day his child ended up being ill and her papa offered her with all best doctors and doctors together back to health but nothing healed her to health.

All the efforts of daddy proved useless and kid passed away. After he death dad became recluse and shut himself away from everybody refusing every activity that may assist him to bring him back to his normal self.
One night he had a dream.

In dream he remained in paradise experiencing a grand pageant of all kid angels. They all were marching in an obviously endless line towards the white throne.
He saw that all white robed angel women brought a lighted white candle with them. After sometime he noticed that a little girl’s candle was not lit. Then he saw that girl with dark candle light was his own little woman. He rushed toward her and took her in his arms.
He caressed her with love and asked,” My angel, how is that only your candle light is not lit?”
She responded, “Daddy, they typically relight it however your tears always put it out once again.”
Just after this male woke from his dream and understood that exactly what he must do. From that day on wards he was not a recluse but fulfill freely and cheerfully with all his pals. Since now he would no longer let his beloved angel candle light be extinguished by his tears.
Even if we lose someone, Life goes on. We should not hurt gone soul by living an unfortunate and alone life. We need to live life Cheerfully and welcome what comes next.

So, what do you think ?

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